Проектиране на сключена водоснабдителна инсталация

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Продукт InstalSystem 5
Вид статия Софтуерни приложения
Актуално съдържание за версия GOLD Rev. 15.3

Обхват на урока

Този урок показва как да създадете сключена водоснабдителна инсталация. Последната е разположена в еднофамилна двуетажна сграда със сутерен.

Modules and program configuration

  • InstalSystem 5 software package with the following modules:
    • Питейни-битови водни системи
    • Tap water extensions
  • Recommended: sanitary system pipe catalogues containing direct U-shaped tap water connection, which guarantees lack of no-flow zones within the system

Initial state

The initial state file is located in the Project table, and it contains the building graphic structure and radiant sanitary system, which needs to be completed with a loop installation on the storey.
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Steps to perform

Turning on the program and project general data configuration

  1. Turn the program on.
  2. Load the project file - Single-family building water installation initial state, isproj.

Installation edition

  1. Select storey No. 1.
  2. Draw hot and cold water pipe feeds, so that a loop installation is created in room 1.5.
    1.Creating a loop installation.

  3. With your mouse, select the area with terminal units and choose Автоматично свързване на приемници.

  4. If needed, modify pipe feed ordinates to evade doors. To do so, insert additional division points for the pipe feed passing through the door opening.
    it is necessary to impose a correct ordinate. The correction of imposed values should be verified in the 3D изглед window.
    2. Omitting the door opening

  5. Verify if the circulation circuit has been closed properly on the storey.
    3. Closing the circulation circuit on the first storey

Verification of the correctness of installation structure

  1. Verify correctness of the installation structure using the Провери връзки function (shortcut: Shift + F2).
  2. Verify correctness of the installation structure and find collisions using 3D изглед.
    За повече информация, моля вижте: Verification of the correctness of installation structure

Calculations and diagnostics

  1. Perform Водоснабдителни инсталации by clicking on Tap-water-Calculator.png located in the Изчисления section of the Main tools toolbar.
  2. Verify calculation results.

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